and Earth itself
are desperately longing for Peace.
How can it be achieved?
Who will lead the way through the
present darkness into the light?

Governments, organizations and groups
can play an important role,
but individuals must play the most important roles.

Individuals of whatever Faith, nation, color, society or culture,
whether wealthy or poor in this world's goods,
can, rather than clinging to the old traditions
and habits of death and destruction,
choose to educate themselves and their children
and their communities to the fact that
we all exist together on this little blue marble, Earth,
and recognize the world as one,
and all mankind as one family, all Earthlings,
creatures sharing the same existence.

Individuals can learn and choose to love one another,
can learn about and respect the
diverse peoples and cultures of the world,
and can choose to forgive others for perceived
or actual offenses that have been
committed against them or their loved ones;
they can take these brave steps in the interest
of a brighter and more peaceful future for all.

Through observation, education,
logic, compassion, and a review of history,
it becomes obvious that a long and happy life,
and the chance for everyone to grow and reach their fullest 
productive potential and capacity for service to humanity,
can only be reached through Unity and Peace.

The most effective steps for achieving Peace
 are a sincere desire for Peace,
education and appreciation of the diversity
of the world's peoples and cultures,
and recognition of how in the essential ways of being,
we are one. We are one family.

I am an artist potter, wire sculptor, and craft person.
My work is dedicated to the achievement of Peace
within myself, my family, and in the world.

What can I, one person, do to help bring about Peace?
I can desire it, make a commitment to it, teach it, 
 practice it in my life and work, and persevere.
I can and do encourage others
to do the same.

Peace, like Love, is an activity;
not just a feeling or thought.
Make love, forgiveness, helpfulness, and Peacemaking
essential to your life and work.

Mary Worthy
Article #1

copyright Mary Worthy, November 2008

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